About Us

We are a non-profit drone racing club situated in the Leinster province of Ireland. Our main goal is to promote a safe environment for drone pilots to practice, and compete at an international level.

FPV Racing is in its infancy stage, and we are actively pushing the scene to ensure Ireland is recognised as one of the leaders in event management and safety.

We organise the annual Irish Drone Nationals, and multiple other public events throughout the year.

If you are a pilot in the region and would like to join us, you can contact us through the Leinster-FPV Facebook Page, or drop us an email through the contact form.

While the others drone on, we race ahead!

We are seeking sponsorship opportunities to take our races to the next level. If you are interested to see your brand at our events, please feel free to contact us. Donations are also appreciated, as it helps us to purchase track equipment for events.

Irish Drone Nationals 2016

IDN2016 All Attendees

We are proud to have hosted the Irish Drone Nationals in 2016, with great  support from racers all across the world.

With pilots coming from all across Ireland, Denmark, Germany and UK, a great weekend was had by all!